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The Biosphere Reserve incorporates Tik Tok “to work equality with youth”

  • The Biosphere Reserves, as spaces for experimentation with the sustainable development goals, have launched the Fall for Equality project for another year, in order to collaborate in achieving SDG 5: gender equality.


    In this new edition the efforts are focused on the new population of the Marinas Coruñesas and Terras del Mandeo and it has the vocation to serve as a tool for those social agents who want to contribute to eradicating sexist behaviors among adolescents.

    We created, among other actions, a brief didactic guide aimed at upper secondary school teachers, in order to support the co-educational work of promoting in students a critical awareness with respect to gender inequality and an awareness in favor of good treatment and global sustainability.

    This guide was written by Sara Vierna Fernández, an expert social educator in equality and emotional education who put all her effort into making a document simple and accessible to teachers.




    In addition, we have @ Blondiemuser, an influencer from the TikTok app who, through her videos, helps to question @ the sexism that we take for granted in the daily classroom and life. @ Blondiemusur is Paula, a 26-year-old biologist from As Pontes with more than a million followers on social media and involved in caring for our planet. She was in charge of launching the message advised by Sara and our digital marketing team.

    For the digital campaign during the month of October, 12 publications were made, six on Facebook and six on Instagram. In each of the social networks the publications were the same: a publication of the giveaway, a publication on teacher training and four videos made by @ blondiemuser.

    Regarding the publications made on Facebook we exceeded 95,000 impressions and on Instagram we exceeded 105,000

    The video posted by @ blondiemuser on his TIK TOK channel about “everyday situations that should change” exceeded 139,000 posts. In addition, it achieved more than 34,500 likes, 379 comments and 73 times shared by its entire community of followers.

    We also analyze the current perception of micro-chauvinism that young people have through a survey in which more than 300 people participated and that had as a prize a guided kayak route through the Mandeo River for 20 young people and girls who could enjoy this privileged place of the Mariñas Betanzos and Terras del Mandeo Biosphere Reserve.














  • Two sessions of pilot workshops were also held at IES Maria Casares with the one indicated in the didactic guide with the use of audiovisual material and thus make them more attractive to young people. It will be held at IES Maria Casares, this being the pilot institute selected for its trajectory of work in this regard, the workshop will be directed to fourth-year ESO students. The campaign included a training workshop for teachers to facilitate the use of didactic guides and audiovisual material and a final seminar entitled “Facing micro-sex in rural areas from the perspective of youth.




    Sustainable Development Goals

    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of people around the world.

    The SDGs from the beginning of their approach included society in general and not only political representatives.

    They address global issues such as energy, consumption, peace or sustainability in its many facets.

    And it is that this element, sustainability, is what marks and directs each and every one of the SDGs, emphasizing the importance and urgency of the adoption of policies that respect the natural environment and slow down climate change to guarantee the future of Humanity.





  • Objetives of “Outono in iquality 2020”

  1. Offer information and advise youth.
  2. Promote awareness and perception of the risk of micromachismo attitudes.
  3. Train primary and secondary school teachers by providing them with audiovisual material to work in the classroom on this topic.
  4. Information and awareness about sexual violence: how to prevent it, how to detect it and how to combat it, offering clear guidelines for action.
  5. It is about sensitizing and raising awareness of the importance of breaking with violent and unequal behaviors, both in social relationships and as a couple, mainly among young people, emphasizing the identification of the multiple forms of micro-sex and daily violence that they suffer women and promoting models of affective-sexual relationships based on respect and tolerance.







Target audiences

Adolescence and youth: Between 14 and 35 years old.

Specific goal
Promote non-sexist attitudes among adolescents and young people in the Marinas Coruñesas and Tierras del Mandeo Biosphere Reserve.

In number
The total population in the Town Halls of the Biosphere Reserve is close to 200,000 citizens.

In the Province of La Coruña, the indicated age range represents approximately 10% of the total population, which is why it is estimated that the campaign is aimed at approximately 20,000 people.





Survey with of experiences in nature


The Biosphere Reserves, as spaces for experimentation with the sustainable development goals, have launched the Fall for Equality project for another year, in order to collaborate in achieving SDG 5: gender equality.


One of the actions of the campaign is to carry out this survey and better perceive the current situation of the perception of youth about micro-sex.

The questions were designed by Sara Vierna Fernandez who analyzed the answers in the didactic guide DISCONNECT FROM MACHISMO!




The survey included a raffle among all the participating people for 10 experiences in nature for two people.

The form had four sections:

  1. Contact information.
  2. Statistical data.
  3. Sexist environment.
  4. Opinion.
  5. Gratitude

The survey had 265 responses and the participants were mostly women, 80%, with an average age of 28. The municipality with the highest participation was A Coruña with 30% and then the municipalities of Arteixo, Cambre, Culleredo and Oleiros. All the municipalities of the reserve had participation with the exception of the Municipality of Desván and Aranga. We emphasize that 65.3% of people think they live in a macho environment and explain it for very different reasons. In the agracementos, it was used to ask if people knew what a Biosphere Reserve was, resulting in that 86.7% answered affirmatively. This document is attached to the memory of its execution.

Experiences in nature

The afternoon and evening prizes for nature experiences within the Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras del Mandeo Biosphere Reserve as kayak routes in the Mandeo.Pilot workshops: “Disconnect machismo online and offline”

Pilot workshops: “Disconnect machismo online and offline”

The pilot workshop “Disconnect machismo online and offline” was designed and implemented, aimed at secondary school students with the aim of preventing sexist behaviors in youth. The selected institute was the IES Maria Casares de Bastiagueiro in the Oleiros Town Hall.

In the development of the workshop, their virtual behaviors were studied in depth from a gender perspective, we talked about how they use the different applications or platforms if they are girls or boys.

In this sense, we rethink their gender socialization and talk about how hegemonic masculinity and femininity affected them in their decisions and in their relationships from when they were children until now. They also worked on how machismo is constructed and perpetuated, sometimes unconsciously, in its daily life, digital and analog.

For the implementation of the workshop, use was made of the material (videos tiktoks) created by the influencers blondiemuser that served to reinforce the prevention message from their own adolescent codes.

The group was very participatory and interested in the subject at all times despite the limits of the methodology as a result of the covid-19.

At the end of the session, the students thanked the connection of the exposed contents with their own realities.

Online training

 Online training

Another of the actions that were launched within the Fall for Equality project was an online training session for teachers.

In the first place, the phenomenon of post-millennial adolescence was addressed, what are the challenges and possibilities that they have as digital natives and what needs are hidden behind their behaviors. We also talk about hegemonic masculinity and femininity in adolescents “connected”, that stereotypes and roles are perpetuated in this “mirage of equality” in which we continue to live. We explore from a gender perspective its uses, its codes and its aspirations in the online and offline world.

After the general contextualization, the data and conclusions of the survey on the perception of machismo in youth that was launched from the Marinas Coruñesas and Terras del Mandeo biosphere reserve, which was carried out in parallel to the rest of the actions, were presented.

One of the strengths of the training was the proposal to work on educational praxis from the emotional coeducation approach to eliminate the prevailing machismo in educational centers and move towards SDG 5 of gender equality. For this, the Didactic Guide was provided with the audiovisual material, the tiktoks, generated by the influencer blondiemuser. These resources help teachers to focus on the prevention of machismo in upper secondary school classrooms, since they have a theoretical framework and practical activities to implement them without any difficulty.Finally, a space was opened for the participation of those attending with the objective of exposing their doubts and reflections. This moment was very enriching because through the questions we reflected jointly on the difficulties that arise in their daily classes and possible alternatives. Video of the training available on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkgTIDlyGPY&feature=youtu.be




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