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1. They may join the association as partners all groups, associations or legally constituted entities.They may not be part of the association individuals and corporations, except the following entities of social economy:
cooperatives, agricultural processing companies and labor societies.

2. The documentation to be submitted following the provisions of the statutes is:

  • Cover model application form addressed to the President of the Association and in which manifest the intention of belonging to the entity , stating the reasons(ANEXO I).
  • Certificate of representation in the Rural Development Association Mariñas Betanzos;The board of the associated entity must appoint a regular and one alternate for attendance at the various meetings that may arise in the GDR representative.(ANEXO II).
  • Certified copy of the Memorandum of Association of the entity.
  • Certified copy of the statutes or deed public where appropriate.
  • Certified copy of the accreditation of registration in the corresponding register.
  • Certified copy of the tax identification card.
  • Memory of activities of the entity in the last two years.

(Collating documentation is free at the headquarters of the association, upon presentation of the original documents).

  • When a candidate to be associated not having its registered office in the scope it must demonstrate that develops an important activity and strengthened over time in that territory(Present the activities report of the last two years).
  • Entities established in the scope, must prove one year of activity as a minimal.
  • The Presidency shall forward requests to the Directive Board .
  • Where there are deficiencies in the documentation submitted and prior to the issuance of report, the Presidency will request the concerned entity to correct the same by providing a period ten working days, after which without being rectified, the application will dismissed, dictating the Presidency to the corresponding resolution.
  • The directive board will approve or deny the request within a period not exceeding two months, counting from the day of filing in the Registry of the Association.
  • The Directive Board shall supply to the requesting entity in one of the sectoral working groups, according to their preferred interest.
  • If the request is denied, applicants may appeal to the FIRST GENERAL ASSEMBLY to be held: (written request to the Directive Board) and where included in the agenda of the Assembly itself and its application for admission.
  • The status of associate is not acquire while the entry fee is not satisfied that
    establish the General Assembly (there is no entry fee at present).

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