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Programa de seguimento fenolóxico

What does it consist of?

Evaluate through the collection of phenological data, The effects of climate change on the territory of the 6 Biosphere Reserves of Galicia,involving in its development the different sectors of society: managers,technical, teachers,Schoolchildren,farmers,livestock farmers,environmental entities and the general public,all this through a web platform open to all citizens.

In the current proposal will work specifically with the school community,selecting several centers in the territory of the Galician Biosphere Reserves; specific,each Biosphere Reserve will select two educational centers in its territory for the execution of this project.

The ages of the students will be between the 11 and the 16 years, that is to say, From 6º of Primary to 4º of the E.S.O.


  • Implementation of a participation and awareness project on Climate Change in the 6 Biosphere Reserves of Galicia, at schools.
  • To contribute to the conservation and knowledge of biodiversity in the Galician Biosphere Reserves through an Environmental Participation Program for its phenological monitoring of species indicative of flora and fauna..
  • Evaluation within the Spanish Network of Biosphere Reserves, through phenological studies of the effects of climate change.
  • Awareness about the environmental phenomena that are affecting the planet and its impact on biodiversity,awareness of a change of habits in the rational and sustainable use of resources.
  • Introduction of the data in a simple web tool, manageable and open to all participants.

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