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A biodiversidade na Reserva


Up to now, about 2 million species have been identified on the planet and it is estimated that the total may reach ten million.

All this wealth of living beings that inhabit the planet could define in a simple way the concept of Biodiversity.The set of all the environments or landscapes that make it up and where life is developed is called Biosphere.

Both concepts are equal and dependent on each other, so that their permanence in time depends on the conservation of the whole.In the Biosphere Reserve, attention is paid to both concepts,so that the economic development that is achieved in them, shall be without prejudice to the conservation of existing biodiversity.


The Biosphere Reserves, established by the Program MAB (Man and Biosphere) of UNESCO in the year 1974,are currently a network of spaces where the Conservation of cultural heritage and natural valuesgo hand in hand with economic and social development,being the local population the backbone of the same.

Biosphere Reserves are a clear opportunity for learning and experimentation,at the quest to build a future from our shared history and where sustainability takes on a leading role, essential result the collaboration of the different agents of the local communities, scientific and research.

ROJECT “BIODIVERSITY IN THE MCeTM BIOSPHERE RESERVE MCeTM: Identification and monitoring of species”

From the point of view of scientific research,One of the recommendations made by UNESCO,is to establish a functional management system and permanent observation of socio-economic processes, that are developed in the Reserves.Thus,research is the application of scientific knowledge form the pillars in the management of slates Biosphere Reserves.

The Mariñas-Betanzos Rural Development AssociationPromote the project “Biodiversity in the Biosphere Reserve Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras do Mandeo: Identification and monitoring of species”,being the main objective of the same to animate and facilitate the participation of the populationen in general,and specifically population of the Reserve, atthe process of collecting data and analyzing the state of biodiversity and the impact of invasive species on the territory.

To make the project a reality, It was necessary the collaboration of the FECYT Foundation,through the aid for the Promotion of Scientific Culture,Technology and Innovation Year 2014 (FCT-14-8880), the AGADER and the Grants of the LEADER Galicia Program 2007-2013, and the Provincial Council of La Coruña,within the FOENNA Program.


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