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Comité Científico

Scientific Committee


The Scientific Committee is a consultative body whose objectives are to identify and formulate proposals, as well as to assist in the decision-making of the Biosphere Reserve Management Council and the Executive Committee. This advisory body will provide information and analysis to validate decision-making regarding the management of the Biosphere Reserve and the degree of fulfillment of its objectives.

The functions of the Scientific Committee shall be:

  • Identify research and experimental activities of interest to the Biosphere Reserve.
  • Formulate proposals for the financing of research and experimental activities.
  • Development of research and experimentation activities, as well as their monitoring and evaluation.
  • Advise in the preparation and implementation of the Action Plans of the Biosphere Reserve.
  • Propose and execute studies and research in the field of the Biosphere Reserve, framed in the principles of Conservation, Sustainable Development and Environmental Education.


Composition of the Scientific Committee:

  • Members of the Scientific Committee may be specialists who are proposed either by the Board of Directors or by the entities of the Autonomous Community of Galicia that carry out I+D+i activities consistent with the objectives of the Biosphere Reserves.
  • The members of the Scientific Committee will be persons of recognized solvency attached to Universities, Research Centers and Technological Transfer Centers, or any other scientific entity related to the objectives of the Biosphere Reserve and in accordance with the functions established for the Committee itself.
  • The inclusion of the members of the Scientific Committee must be approved by the Board of Directors, and will have the authorization of the entities to which they belong.
  • Participation in the Scientific Committee shall not result in emoluments.

 The members of the Scientific Committee will be grouped into 3 major areas and each will have a coordinator, appointed by the Board of Directors:

1.Area of Conservation,Composed of specialists in Biodiversity, Land Custody, Water, Forests, Marine and Coastal Environment, Landscape and Geology, among others that are considered of interest.

2.Sustainable Development Area, Composed of specialists in Spatial Planning and Infrastructures, Agriculture, Livestock and Forest Management, Fisheries and Shellfish, Tourism, Economy and Local Development, Renewable Energy, Sustainable and Waste, among others that are considered of interest ..

3.Logistic Support Area,Composed of specialists in Research and Observation, Training and Training, Environmental Education and Communication, among others that are considered of interest.

 Members of the Scientific Committee

  • D.Jerónimo Puertas Agudo. Universidade da Coruña. Área de hidráulica de canais e ríos.
  • D.Juan Castro Ínsua. Centro Investigacións Agrarias de Mabegondo.
  • D.Carlos Vales Vázquez. Centro de Extensión Universitaria e Divulgación Ambiental de Galicia (CEIDA).
  • D.Pablo Ramil Rego. Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. Área Biodiversidade.
  • D.Venancio Salcines Cristal. Escola de Finanzas de A Coruña.
  • D.Enrique Saéz Ponte. Fundación Juana de Vega.
  • D.Francisco Díaz-Fierros Viqueira. Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. Área de Edafoloxía.
  • D.Andrés Precedo Ledo. Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. Área de Xeografía. 
  • D.Francisco Javier Sanz Larruga. Universidade de A Coruña. Área de Dereito Ambiental. 
  • Dna.Antía Pérez Caramés. Universidade de A Coruña. Facultade de Socioloxía. 
  • Dna.Ángeles Romero Rodríguez. Universidade de Santiago. Área Tecnoloxía dos Alimentos
  • D.Darío Prada Rodríguez. Universidade da Coruña. Instituto Universitario de Medio Ambiente.
  • D.Alfredo Erias Martínez.  Museo das Mariñas.
  • Dna.Isabel Aguirre de Urcola.  Escola Galega de Paisaxe.
  • D.Pedro Calaza Martínez.  Colexio de Agronómos da Coruña.
  • Dna.Elvira Sahuquillo Balbunea. Universidade de A Coruña. Área de Botánica.
  • Dna.Marta Rey García. Universidade de A Coruña. Cátedra Inditex Responsabilidade Social.