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Participation Committee

Participation Committee



The Participation Committee is the advisory body created with the objective of ensuring“Participatory Management”.. It will form part of the different private agents interested in participating actively in the achievement of the objectives of the Biosphere Reserve. Joining this Participation Committee will require a reasoned request addressed to the Chairman of the Biosphere Reserve Management Body, which will transfer it to the Board of Directors for incorporation.

The functions of the Participation Council are:

  • To promote and guarantee the participation of the local agents involved and interested in the management and sustainable development of the Biosphere Reserve, as well as articulates the processes of decision making from “bottom up”.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and to facilitate the interaction of the population with the administrations, within the framework of environmental conservation and sustainable development.
  • Participate in the preparation and implementation of the Action Plans of the Reserve.
  • Encourage volunteering and energize the socio-economic fabric.
  • Monitoring the achievement of annual objectives.
  • Collect the proposals of its members with the aim of improving the management of the Biosphere Reserve.
  • Monitor the actions carried out and their development.


Members shall meet at least every year and shall be composed of representatives of:

  • Conservation organizations that carry out activities in the territory.
  • Custody entities that carry out activities in the territory.
  • Environmental Education Entities.
  • ONG’s and voluntary environmental organizations.
  • Agricultural and forestry organizations.
  • The entities of the sector of the fishing and the shelling.
  • Trade union organizations.
  • Business organizations.
  • Companies and agents in the tourism sector.
  • Cultural and neighborhood entities.
  • Hunting and fishing associations.
  • Associations of people with disabilities.
  • Youth associations, women’s associations and the elderly.
  • The sector of renewable energies and waste management.
  • Organizations with Social Responsibility programs.
  • Any other entity related to the objectives of the Reserve.


Entities to participate in the Participation Committee

Autoridade Portuaria de A Coruña Andrés Guerra Sierra
GADISA Roberto Tojeiro Rodríguez
Fundación Santiago Rey Jose Francisco Sánchez
Fundación Juana de Vega Enrique Sáez Ponte
Grupo Proinsa Dolores Fernández López
Edar Bens Carlos Lamora Suárez
Asociación Vedoreira José Francisco Castro Vilariño
Panadería da Cunha Manuel Da Cunha Pereira

It is considered that given the territorial reality of our Reserve, companies should play a key role, and could have their place to participate and be involved through this Participation Committee.

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