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Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The functions of the Executive Committee shall be:

  • Implementation of the actions set out in the Action Plan and agreed by the Board of Directors.
  • Control, monitoring and evaluation of these actions.
  • Prepare proposals for action on the objectives and strategies of the Biosphere Reserve, to be transferred to the Board of Directors.
  • Encourage volunteering and energize the socio-economic fabric..
  • Those delegated by the Board of Directors.

The Executive Committee of the Biosphere Reserve will meet as many times as necessary, and will consist of:

  • The Presidency of the Mariñas-Betanzos Association.
  • 3 representatives of the municipalities.
  • 4 representatives of Sectoral Tables of the Association “Mariñas-Betanzos”..
  • 1 representative of the Deputation of Coruña.
  • 1 representatives of the Xunta the Galicia with competences in natural spaces.
  • 1 representative of the Scientific Committee
  • The Manager of the Management Body of the Biosphere Reserve “Mariñas coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo”.
  • The members of the Board of Directors may also attend the Scientific Committee invited by the Executive Committee or by the Board of Directors, with a voice but no vote.


Members Executive Committee

Presidencia Presidencia Asociación Mariñas-Betanzos(Concello de Abegondo)
Concellos Curtis, Culleredo, Oleiros, Paderne (3 representantes. Voto ponderado)
Xestor Xerente Medida LEADER Mariñas-Betanzos
Entidades sociais e económicas 4 representantes
Xunta de Galicia 1 representante
Deputación Provincial A Coruña 1 representante
Ministerio (con competencia en materia de costas) Director Demarcación Costas de Galicia
Comité Científico 1 representante

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