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SICTED destination

The Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve achieved the adhesion of our territory as Quality Spanish Tourist Destination –SICTED- within the FITUR framework, in 2020.

The Integral System of Quality Tourism Destination –SICTED- is an initiative of the Secretary of State for Tourism with the support of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP). The SICTED works with tourist companies and services of diverse trades with these objectives: to improve the experience and tourists’ satisfaction, to promote the application of the quality standards among all the participating businesses and to recognize the effort and the improvements through the distinctive of the Commitment of Tourist Quality.

To get these distinctions, participating businesses must receive training based on the SICTED methodology. This methodology, that is designed for the tourism companies and also for public services of the destination, contributes to the improvement of the service standars of the businesses through a Manual of Good Practices.


Logotipo SICTED


The Biosphere Reserve is providing training based on training based on the SICTED methodology to those interested local catering businesses. The aim is that they meet the criteria established in the Restoration Specifications to be able to adhere to the “Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo” Quality Mark. The consumption of products from the Biosphere Reserve territory is being promoted in the network of adhered businesses.

In 2019, this tourist quality system began to be implemented in the catering sector and a first group of sixteen restaurants were certified.

In 2020, training, technical assistance, workshops, improvement plans and evaluations will be opened to other sectors, such as accommodation (campsites, rural tourism houses and hotels), and also to a second group of restaurants, as well as agri-food companies in the territory that were already certified with the Biosphere Reserve Quality Mark.

At the same time, the Biosphere Reserve is working to prepare future training aimed at companies that offer other tourist services in the territory, as well as guides, that are indispensable in the task of making the destination known.



In order to achieve a participatory destination, we constituted in 2019 the Tourist Destination Quality Committee. It aims to bring together the agents of the territory that are working for tourism. It is intended to be a real forum for debate and to promote public-private collaboration.

The main functions of the Tourist Destination Quality Committee are the following ones:

  • Setting short-to-medium-term goals.
  • Evaluating and approve proposals to improve the area of destination.
  • Preparing the proposal on the granting, renewal or withdraw all the badges of utility companies.
  • Acting as the Local Committee of the “Spanish Biosphere Reserves” Tourist Product Club (which is the advisory body of the Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve, made up of technicians, experts, and representatives of the sector and the territory, whose main purpose will be to provide technical support and implement the objectives of the Spanish Biosphere Reserves Tourist Product Club and the State Ecotourism Club).
  • Acting as a Quality Committee of the destination area.
  • Defining and executing purposes, activities and budgets related to the Tourist Geodestination.
  • Serving as committee integrated by those agents of the territory working to promoting tourism.
  • Carrying out any other function granted by the target managing entity.


Mesa de Calidade Turística Reserva de Biosfera


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