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Ecotourism in the ” Golfo Ártabro “





Main objectives of the project:

The general objective of the project is to identify and promote new job creation opportunities by betting on a sustainable tourism model (Ecotourism).
The implementation of this tourism model will favor economic growth and job creation in coastal municipalities, with a greater seafaring vocation.
Tourism will act as the engine of the rest of economic activities (production and processing sector, accommodation, services, etc.)

The specific objectives are the following:

– Enhance the heritage of the sea and the coastline through new tourism products.
– Articulate a tourist offer based on the heritage and on the resources of the sea and the coast, seeking seasonal adjustment and new audiences.
– Promote cooperation between the sea sector, the tourism and hospitality sector, local administrations and the rest of the productive fabric, forging lasting alliances towards the future.
Specific results expected with the implementation of the project:
The main expected results are the following:
– Promote the creation of employment and the launch of new economic activities, among the coastal community, linked to sustainable tourism.
– Diversify the activities carried out within the framework of fishing, such as marine tourism initiatives.
– Use new technologies to publicize the resources of the sea and the coast in the territorial area of ​​the “GALP Golfo Ártabro Sur”.
– Involve the tourism and hospitality sector in the enhancement and dissemination of marine and coastal resources, within the scope of the “GALP Golfo Ártabro Sur”.

Main activities of the project:

Among the scheduled activities are to create a Working Group of tourism and sea companies, as well as local entities and other stakeholders, to define new tourism products related to the coastline, the coast and the sea of ​​the municipalities of the “GALP Golfo Ártabro Sur”.
At least three ecotourism products will be defined in the Ártabro Gulf, interconnected with each other, and the business community related to these products will be trained in order to know the bases of Ecotourism and interconnect different activities sectorally.
The project will be energized through social networks, by its own staff, and different promotional materials will be prepared for the launch of these products, including a familiarization visit by the stakeholders.
This project will also pivot on improving the marketing and promotion of products from the sea and the coast, mainly in the cut channels (restaurants that consume local products), connecting these products with the existing demand in the” Reserva de Biosfera Mariñas Coruñesas y Tierras del Mandeo”, as well as in the city of A Coruña.
In short, it is about articulating an Ecotourism destination with tourism products linked to the sea and the coast, and positioning it as an Ecotourism destination at the state level.

More information about the project: https://galp.xunta.gal/golfo-artabro-sur/ecoturismo-no-golfo-artabro

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