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Species of the Year

The Naturalist Habitat Group, the RDA As Mariñas-Betanzos and the Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras del Mandeo Biosphere Reserve (RB MCeTM), promote since 2014 the “Species of the Year” initiative, which consists of naming each year a species present in the Biosphere Reserve to make it known and learn a little more about it.


The objectives of the Biosphere Reserves are, among others, to conserve their natural values, and one of the initiatives proposed for this is the declaration of an animal or plant species as “species of the year”, to deepen their knowledge. Until 2020 they were the following: Wild cat, Saramaganta, Vacaloura, Button Fern, Owl, Mexilón River and Nutria.

Más información:https://gnhabitat.org/especies-do-ano/

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