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Innovation Working Groups

Innovation Working Groups

Innovation is a key tool in all sectors, but especially in the rural world,because it is a very dispersed environment with difficult access to knowledge,to the results of the research,to the formation,to the evolution of markets, to new technologies and other information.

Source: Comisión Europea – EIP-AGRI (Agriculture & Innovation)

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The innovation,along with research,must be an essential tool for addressing the economic challenges, environmental and social aspects of the agri-food and forestry sector.In order to increase competitiveness in these sectors it is necessary to accelerate innovation and the transfer of research results to the productive sectors,as well as finding and applying appropriate and rapid responses to current needs.


The European Union’s main instrument for promoting and accelerating innovation in rural areas is the European Association for Innovation in Productivity and Agricultural Sustainability.

It aims to accelerate innovation in the agro-food and forestry sector, improving the rural environment, as well as the dissemination and dissemination of successful experiences in the territory, through concrete innovative projects. In addition, it seeks to adapt the scientific supply to the sector demand and favor the resolution of specific problems or the use of opportunities that contribute to increase competitiveness and improve living conditions in rural areas.

Following this line, the Rural Development Program (PDR) of Galicia for the 2014-2020 programming period, promoted aid for the creation and execution of projects of the Operational Groups of Innovation.

These operational groups are formed by groups of actors from different profiles, such as farmers, livestock farmers,researchers,technology centers,universities,non-governmental organizations,Rural development groups,
associations, etc.,With the aim of jointly addressing a specific problem or opportunity in the agro-food and forestry sectors using an innovative idea.

Source: Comisión Europea – EIP-AGRI (Agriculture & Innovation)

The projects for which the operational groups are formed should promote cooperation and innovation in the following priority areas of action:

  • Sustainable management of natural resources
  • Agricultural production systems
  • Food chain
  • Bioeconomía
  • Application of TIC to the sector

Operational groups will seek to increase agricultural and forestry productivity and sustainability, with the direct effect of promoting local development in rural areas. At the same time they will have side effects on:

  • Facilitate the entry into the agricultural sector of adequately trained farmers and, in particular, generational remuda
  • More efficient use of energy in agriculture and in the processing of agricultural products.
  • To facilitate the administration and use of renewable energy sources, by-products, residues and other non-food raw materials to promote the development of the bio-economy

Projects promoted by the Rural Development Association “Mariñas Betanzos” in 2016-2017:

Projects promoted by the Rural Development Association “Mariñas Betanzos” in 2018-2020:

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