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Improvement of land management


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The project aims to contribute to increase the efficiency and environmental and economic sustainability of farms.Solutions will be sought to the problem of bad structuring of the territorial base of the farms using TIC, developing an algorithm that allows to obtain better alternatives for the spatial organization of the plots of the members of agricultural cooperatives or for any group of farmers.

Given a set of farmers with their corresponding sets of plots,the computer tool will allow a re-allocation of the use of plots among farmers so that,maintaining each farmer,in essence,the same surface,and without modifying the property, and their plots would be closer to each other and closer to each holding.


The proper sizing of agricultural holdings is key to ensuring their economic and environmental viability.Agricultural markets are subject to strong variations, and inputsto contain production costs.In cattle farming, this is fundamentally due to the adequate dimensioning of the territorial base and its efficient management.However,the territorial structure of the Galician livestock farms is very fragmented,and their plots tend to have small dimensions(compared to other holdings in other livestock regions in Europe)and are dispersed.

A production based on own pastures and forages,with plots of adequate size and accessible,would help to increase the yield of the farms and to revalue these productions,reducing costs and dependence on farms and increasing disposable income,allowing also livestock practices compatible with the environment and adequate land management (grouping, joint use, etc…).

European strategy for I+D in agriculture [European Comission, 2015]identifies the incorporation of TIC As one of the four basic transverse elements.Following this line,This project will address the problem of dispersion of farm plots using computer and mathematical methods.

Project objectives

  • To review the problematic of the territorial base of the agrarian exploitations, in particular the ones of bovine.
  • To improve the territorial base of the farms, to facilitate the production of fodder in the same and to improve its competitiveness.
  • Develop a computer application that allows the reorganization and grouping of the parcels of a set of farms.
  • Apply and feedback the algorithm through tests on a real pilot case.
  • Allow project partners to use the tool developed through a web application to reorganize other groups of plots in their zones.
  • To make the results of the project known in the rural environment and in the scientific fields..
  • To lay the foundations for the development of a global tool to make the computer tool available to any group of interested farmers.

Participating actors

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  • Bibliographic review on the subject related to the project.
  • Collection of information on the members of the Cusoviame and Los Irmandiños Cooperatives and the lands they manage
  • Selection of the pilot zone.
  • Conducting interviews and questionnaires to the members of the cooperatives participating in the project.
  • Development of the parcel grouping tool.
  • Execution and verification of the algorithm.
  • Commissioning of the tool.
  • Dissemination of project results in the rural and scientific fields.
  • Project management.

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