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The territory of the Biosphere Reserve Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo is located between rivers, cliffs and mountains. This Biosphere Reserve is a sub-coastal territory with an average of 300 meters in height which is dominated by its coasts, valleys and by its mountains framed in the basins of the rivers Mero and Mandeo.

The Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo includes a total of 116.724,3 hectares (113.969,7 terrestrial hectares and 2.754,6 marine ones) spread over 17 municipalities:

  1. Abegondo
  2. Aranga
  3. Arteixo
  4. Bergondo
  5. Betanzos
  6. Cambre
  7. Carral
  8. Coirós
  9. Culleredo
  10. Curtis
  11. Irixoa
  12. Miño
  13. Oleiros
  14. Oza-Cesuras
  15. Paderne
  16. Sada
  17. Sobrado

In order to coordinate environmental improvement with the social and economic development of this area, this Biosphere Reserve is divided in three zones:

Core Zones

These areas play an important role in terms of conservation. They are defined around Red Natura 2000:

  • Costa de Dexo
  • Costa da Morte
  • Betanzos-Mandeo
  • Abegondo-Cecebre’s reservoir

Other spaces of local interest.

Buffer Zones

These zones work as protection areas of the Core Zones, where some activities are organised as an example of sustainable development:

Transitional Zones

Transitional zones have most of the population and support the majority of activities.

Protected Natural Areas

The Biosphere Reserve Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo includes several protected natural areas such as Special Areas of Conservation, Natural Monuments and Areas of Special Protection of Natural Values.

The Special Areas of Conservation are:

  • Natural Monument of Costa de Dexo and Serantes.

  • Costa da Morte.

  • Betanzos-Mandeo.

  • Abegondo’s reservoir

Among other sites with environmental and ecological interest there are the estuary of Río Baxoi, the mountains of Cova da Serpe or the Brañas do Deo.



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