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The Mariñas Coruñesas y Terras del Mandeo Biosphere Reserve launches a publication to promote the introduction of healthy and sustainable menus for family meals, something of special need at this time of year. The institution seeks to sensitize the population about the need to increase the intake of certain foods good for health, which are those produced by many local entrepreneurs associated with the brand.

The practical approach is chosen to educate the reader and make him see the ease of changing his eating habits. The guide sets out various objectives and ideas for carrying them out.

Thus, it proposes increasing the intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grains or water. Or reducing the consumption of sugary drinks, salt or ultra-processed foods. As ways to achieve this, for each of them, simple examples are formulated to carry out as a family, also thinking about children.

To achieve this, the Reserve is committed to introducing food from the producers of the biosphere. In this way, it publishes a table of the vegetables that are produced, structured by the time of year of their production, to facilitate the reader its menus.

The book also includes family challenges, a fun way to try to meet your goals, and offers several healthy recipes to try. Throughout the publication, the parameters of healthy eating, the actual data today and the recommendations of the health authorities are indicated.

The guide is carried out with the support of the Department of Rural Affairs. It will be distributed among the municipalities that make up the Biosphere Reserve, in addition to social networks and the entity’s website.

The publication was entrusted to the Menjadors Ecològics entity, with which the Reserve worked in the development of its Food Plan, an initiative with which it won international awards.



The initiative to promote green consumption at school canteens is part of Food Plan of the Biosphere Reserve.

With the consumption of organic food in school canteens, we are not only deciding what we eat, if we do that, indirectly, also decided on the model of production, distribution and consumption of these products. This decision implies a high level of social and environmental responsibility.

This initiative also aims to:

  • Promote healthy and sustainable in school canteens eating habits, through the introduction of organic, fresh, local and seasonal products.
  • Boost organic production systems encouraging the incorporation of new producers or converting existing ones to green.
  • Reduce environmental footprint, promoting short marketing channels.
  • Sprout in the awareness of children and children respectful production model..


The Mariñas Betanzos Association has been working during the 2014/2015 course in the characterization of organic production in the Biosphere Reserve, analyzing the demands and requirements of schools that have self-service kitchen.

Organic production in the Biosphere Reserve was analyzed, taking surface data, products and seasonality of production, and it can be concluded that the total production is low,both orchard and fruit and meat products, detecting certain foods that are not in the territory (dairy, pasta and rice, bread …).

Five schools, -with a total of about 1,000 commensal- expressed interest in participating at the project and the pilot experience was held in the CEIP Curtis.

In the month of April the 70 students at this school they could enjoy an organic menu based on products of the territory: vegetable soup, meatballs with rice and ice cream.The occasion was used to spread the benefits of sustainable consumption in the Biosphere Reserve, with a talk-workshop with children at the school.

On the other hand, in the month of June the 276 diners Vicente Otero Valcarcel CIP Carral they enjoyed a consistent organic menu : cream of courgette, meats balls, and ice-cream ecologic. Also an informative talk was given to students in grades 5ª course on the benefits of agro-ecological consumption and proximity.

The results of this study and pilot initiatives will serve to understand the potential of this market for the next courses.



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