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Map production orientations

Promoting green jobs respectful to the environment and to put in value the resources of the territory is one of the fundamental pillars of sustainable economic growth that aims to promote from the Biosphere Reserve Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo especially in the period of global (economic, environmental, energy, labor, etc.) crisis today.

This project aims to advance knowledge of agricultural aptitude for the most relevant within the territory of the Biosphere Reserve crops.

The main objective is to provide entrepreneurs, producers, entities and any person linked to sectors related to land management and planning, a tool for identifying employment opportunities linked to the main food productions territory and They are easier to integrate into the Local Food System that seeks to develop from the Biosphere Reserve.

The maps obtained can also be used to meet the most interesting channels are to be encouraged in local development policies crops. The most important crops detected in the Diagnosis of Food System are: hops,local wine of Betanzos, orchard, apple and cereals.

Once identified the most relevant variables for each crop a conversion table of the same was made,so that the end result is a map for each crop with high fitness (A1), middle (A2) and low (N) for the production of each.This ability to be understood in a relative manner. For example, for areas classified as N, should not be excluded crop the initial investment must be higher
and the yields obtained by the smaller crop.

Click on the links below to download maps:

Local Wine of Betanzos Hop Orchard Apples Cereals

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