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Quality Mark Biosphefe Reserve



One of the main attributes with ability to provide a differentiated quality agro-food product is its relationship with the territory where production takes place. This concept pursues conservation of local resources that will allow economic sustainability of agro-business tissue involved.

One way intended to guarantee the origin and quality of a product are marks of origin, which are an instrument of great validity to identify and to value territorial specificities.

Currently, the ADR Mariñas Betanzos have a quality seal with umbrella ability to exercise a wide range of products and services.

The proposed mark will consist of a Regulation of Use in addition to lists of specific conditions for each type of products or services amparar.The specifications must collect those parameters and technical specifications to be met by those products with possibility under the brand.

At first the addition of three specifications for productions scheduled: wine, vegetable and dairy products (Cheese, fresh milk and ice cream).

The Brand “Spanish Biosphere Reserves”


Recently, from the Autonomous National Parks, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, has proceeded to the registration at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office to trademark “Spanish Biosphere Reserves”.


Through a license uses of this new brand it is intended to highlight and differentiate certain products and / or services within the territories recognized as Biosphere Reserves in the Spanish territory.

The granting of the license would be the responsibility of the Autonomous National Parks, through the implementation of Regulation of Use of the Mark, while each Biosphere Reserve should set specific requirements for products and / or services of their reserve and responsibility for control and monitoring.

From a Biosphere Reserve “Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras do Mandeo” is working on the adaptation of the Regulation and sealed document of brand for simultaneous compliance with this additional protection. Through the following links you can access the documentation related to them:

  • Trademark Use Adjustment
  • What does the Brand offer to its Associates?




    If the products you make meet the requirements and conditions of use of the brand and logo of the Biosphere Reserve “Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo, and you are interested in joining it, you can send us a Declaration of Interest in Adhering to the Brand:


    Link Declaration of Interest

    Send us your Declaration of Interest to info@marinasbetanzos.gal


    • Link Declaration of Interest:

      Declaration of Interest

      Send us your Declaration of Interest to info@marinasbetanzos.gal or get in touch with our technical team to clarify all doubts.





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