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Project Summary

Food Plan (2014-2017) of the Biosphere Reserve “Mariñas Coruñesas  e Terras do Mandeo”.





The Reserve of the Biosphere“Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo” is a territory that counts on climatic and geographical conditions very satisfactory for the development of great diversity of crops.It is a territory with almost 190,000 population and an extension of 1,139.7 km2 located on the outskirts of the City of La Coruña. This situation represents a clear opportunity to offer local products and proximity, thus maintaining a Local Food System based on sustainability and the generation of employment in the territory.

Rural Development Association Mariñas- Betanzos, managing body of the Biosphere Reserve “Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo”,it pretend to develop a food strategy at the Reserve,
that stimulates the production, processing and consumption of local food products and agro-ecological.It is proposed for the design of a Food Plan 2014-2017 Local linked to sustainable growth and green jobs, with the support of the Biodiversity Foundation LEADER Programme.

The Food Plan is integrated across the board in several lines of the Strategic Management Plan 2013-2017 of the Biosphere Reserve,becoming in this manner on an initiative of vital importance for the development of the overall objectives of the Reserve.

For identification of the main lines of action and goals of the Plan will become a Food Technical Committee composed of representatives of the major players in the food system in the territory (food agro-local producers, distributors, consumer groups, associations consumers, restaurateurs, agricultural technicians, research centers, foundations, etc.)

In the Food Plan 2014- 2017 recommendations for support and expand the Local Food Systems overcoming obstacles in terms of production, marketing and sustainable consumption . The food plan will address the main challenges of the current food system identified in the initial diagnosis and based on the agreements of the food technical committee focusing mainly on the following principles:

  • Improving access to land for agricultural production
  • Sustainable production and consumption: temporadan products and proximity
  • Organic farming and local varieties
  • Short marketing channels: public canteens and other social consumption centers, local shops and restaurants of the territory
  • Quality brand products RB: promotion of local products linked closely to the promotion of the territory and its peculiarities, to achieve the full development of their economic, social and cultural potential.
  • Food sovereignty
  • Reducing environmental footprint

Objectives of the food strategy:

Participatory design forms a Food Plan for Biosphere Reserve “Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo” based on the conservation of biodiversity, promotion of responsible consumption and green jobs.

  • Better governance of the Local Food System, creating alliances between the agents involved.
  • Design a strategy for mobilizing land.
  • Encourage the incorporation of new producers in green.
  • Boost food agro short marketing channels.
  • Promote responsible consumption of local products associated with the brand “Biosphere Reserve”.

Short-term actions:

To achieve objectives are, these are the actions planned to develop in the next year framed in the context of the project supported from the Biodiversity Foundation:

  • Participatory design needs and propose lines of action to include in the food Plan 2014-2017.
  • Initial diagnosis of food Current Local System. dynamic document that will incorporate information gathered from the work of the Technical Commission.
  • SIG mapping of productive orientations of the main crops of the Biosphere Reserve
  • Creating a production Land Exchange.
  • Commissioning of the quality mark “Biosphere Reserve” starting with the production of orchard, wine and dairy products.
  • Animation menu with ecological produtos and / or associated with the quality mark ,schools and / or public canteens.
  • Getting commitments of local public purchase and sale of products with shops, markets, restaurants or private entities.
  • Design green employment- insertion itinerary.
  • Awareness day on food and health


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