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Ornithological Route

Nowadays, bird watching is a form of booming tourism that mobilizes millions of people. In Europe alone, it is estimated that 10 million travelers travel each year to observe the rarest or exotic species.

But it is not necessary to go far to enjoy them. It is enough for any corner, even the urban spaces, so that the birds immediately transfer a bark of wildlife to us.

The diversity of species that can be observed in this territory during the annual cycle is very remarkable,
especially,taking into account the urban and peri-urban nature of some areas,which far from limiting its presence allows a surprising adaptation of birds human activity as it happens in the Estuary of Burgo,in the dam of Rexedoiro, or on the beach of Sada where it is possible to get closer to them than anywhere else in northern Spain.

Most routes have good accessibility, paths, boardwalks and infrastructures specifically aimed at Environmental Education.Recently the area of the estuary of Burgo, as well as the dam of Abegondo-Cecebre.

The Ornithological Route of estuary of Burgohas a complete ornithological signaling and theming,
composed of 52 information panels,where you can find information on the most unique and frequent birds in this natural space, as well as on different ecological processes.

The Ornithological Route “O Bosque Animado”,located in the area of the Abegondo-Cecebre dam, replaces information panels with new stone landmarks,with illustrations by local artist Suso Cubeiro,that besides informing about the fauna and the flora of surroundings,also the fan on the mythology and Galician legends,so you can know the most formal part of the birds,but also the legends and myths that exist around them.

Many of the routes can be done by mountain bike and even conventional,either by promenades,cycling or paths suitable for cycling.The circular conception of several of the routes facilitates that the tourist can initiate it in any of its sections and complete so that it is more comfortable for your interests or depending on the time available,and the great connectivity between them also allows the possibility of linking several routes.

All these actions were developed in 2015 by the As Mariñas Consortium and the Galicia Tourism Agency.

We leave the following link to the website that allows you to know the 12 hiking trails and ornithological sighting,the main birds present in the Mariñas and the different tourist experiences of the territory.



Consult the Ornithological guide of the Coruñesas and Mandeo Marinas Biosphere Reserve




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