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Hiking Routes

Know your Biosphere Reserve

Incredible natural landscapes: rivers and estuaries, marshes, cliffs, small islands and coastal beaches, forests and fragas, lagoons and dams, await the hiker who visits the Biosphere Reserve Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras do Mandeo.
Through the following window, you will be able to know the set of Routes of the whole Biosphere Reserve, grouped in 5 thematic ones:
  • Coast Routes.
  • Cycling routes.
  • Ornithological Routes.
  • Water Routes.
  • Route of the Wineries of the Wine of the Land of Betanzos.
  • Hiking and cycling route of Espenuca – Pena Furada.

For more information and to plan your hiking day,alone or in good company; walking, cycling or on horseback;With family or training ACCESS THE CHANNEL Wikiloc da Reserva de Biosfera Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo.

Hiking and cycling route of Espenuca – Pena Furada

This hiking route connects two important heritage sites in the municipality of Coirós: the archaeological sites of Espenuca and Pena Furada.

On the one hand, the Espenuca site is a magnificent viewpoint. From there, visitors can see not only the region of As Mariñas, but also a large part of the northern territory of the municipality of Coirós. This place was a hillfort, a monastery and a medieval castle. Nowadays, there is a Romanesque-style church that was built in the 12th century.

Route Espenuca – Pena Furada

In the following link you will get more information about this route and also about its features.


Another unique place is the archaeological site of Pena Furada, that has a special magic. In this place there are seven stone engravings with different patterns. The most famous one is that of the female figure called Moura, who was considered the goddess of fertility. In this site we can also find ancient walls set in the stone as remains of a past of human activity in this area.

Both are located on two natural watchtowers: Espenuca, at 282 m., and Pena Furada, at 277 m., with a panoramic view over the region and over the Mendo and Mandeo rivers, respectively. The route is extended to connect with other hiking routes.

The route, of about 8.5 km., is considered a medium difficulty route if visitors start at the lowest points. These lowest points are Chelo’s place on the Mandeo river -in the north-, and Ponte das Moas in the Mendo river -in the south-.

At the southern end, this route connects with the SM 14 and SM 15, suitable for mountain biking and links with the municipality of Oza.

Route Mendo

In the following link you will get more information about this route and also about its features.



In the northern area -between A Espenuca and the crossing to Chelo- the route is shared with the Mandeo SM 10 and SM 11 paths, for a few meters. Visitors can use these paths to go up and down from the Mandeo river.

Route Mandeo

In the following link you will get more information about this route and also about its features.



In the village of Espenuca, visitors will find the ruins of Casa Grande dos Currais with several buildings, with a large granary and also with an old chapel of the place.

In Chelo, a place of extraordinary natural beauty, there is also the Nature and Mandeo Interpretation Centre of Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve.

We ask visitors to pay attention and be cautious when crossing the N-VI in Filgueiras, the most dangerous point of the route along with the crossing of the road to Espenuca Viewpoint.


Although most of it runs through pavement, forest, or old roads, visitors must remember that these paths are not always in good conditions. Fot these reasons, visitorts must take attention to the traffic.

To avoid getting lost, visitors can follow the direction arrows arranged on the route with river Mandeo –North direction- and river Mendo – South direction-.

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Framed in a region in which water predominates,the environment of Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras do Mandeo,allows you to enjoy the paths and paths with which to immerse yourself in the natural heart,patrimonial and monumental of this territory.

Special attention is paid to the different Protected Natural Areas (ZEC), included in Red Natura 2000,in addition to other small natural areas that attributes a great natural wealth and landscaping..

The Biosphere Reserveoffers a wide range of paths for all audiences, tastes and interests.

All these ways allow to know the territory in depth,while offering an opportunity to learn to enjoy nature,bird watching,discover the history,culture and heritage or taste the wide range of traditional products and local like the mussels of Lorbé, bread and the patty of Carral, the dairy, the jams, vegetables… that alone or accompanied by a good craft beer or a wine of Protected Geographical Indication “Viño da Terra de Betanzos”, say they help to better travel the paths: “[…] con pan y vino, se hace el camino”.

You can download the following links, both in Galician and Castilian or map: PATHWAYS AND ROADS IN MARIÑAS CORUÑESAS E TERRAS DO MANDEO. A VÍA PER LOCA MARÍTIMA.
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Available Routes Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras do Mandeo

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